Payment Plans

Issuers offer many payments plans for purchases. These plans help credit cards customers to manage their finances, big ticket purchases. These plans are offered to selected customers. Customers can access their account online or on mobile app to check eligibility or plan features.

Here are the top plans by issuers

American Express



Plan It from American Express

If you have a personal Credit Card, you may be eligible to use Plan It to set up a monthly payment plan for large purchases over a fixed period of time. With Plan It, you can place a qualifying purchase into a plan and instead of paying interest, you’ll pay a monthly plan fee that is shown to you upfront. Your plan payment, including the plan fee, will be added to your Minimum Payment Due each month. You can use Plan It to set up plans online or through your Amex Mobile app.

Pay It from American Express

If you have a personal Credit Card, you may be eligible to use Pay It to quickly pay purchase amounts in your Amex Mobile app. Simply select a posted transaction with a “Pay It” label, and follow the prompts to complete a payment for that amount. Payments are applied against your outstanding balance.

Flex Plan from Citibank

Citi may offer you the opportunity to create a Citi Flex Plan to make fixed monthly payments to pay off purchases or a loan against your card’s credit line. There are two ways to create a Citi Flex Plan. With Citi Flex Pay, you can pay for eligible transactions under a Citi Flex Plan. With Citi Flex Loan you can use your credit line to access funds and pay for those funds under a Citi Flex Plan.

Flex Loan from Citibank

A Citi Flex Loan is a Citi Flex Plan option that allows you to borrow money from your existing Citi credit card account’s credit limit and pay it back at a fixed APR, in fixed monthly payments over a set duration. No separate application is needed.

Flex Pay from Citibank

Citi Flex Pay is a Citi Flex Plan option that allows you to take an individual credit card purchase and pay it off over a set duration with fixed payments and a fixed APR.

Pay in 4 from PayPal

Customers can select “Pay in 4” at checkout at millions of online stores and split your payments in 4 – one every two weeks. It’s interest free, has no impact on your credit score and is backed by PayPal.

Pay in 4 Disclosures:

Pay in 4 is available upon approval for purchases of $30 – $600. Pay in 4 is not currently available to residents of New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Wisconsin, or any U.S. Territories. Loans to California residents are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License. PayPal, Inc. is a Georgia Installment Lender Licensee, NMLS #910457. Late fees may apply for missed payments depending on your state of residency. When applying, a soft credit check may be needed, but will not affect your credit score. You must be of legal age in your U.S. state of residence to use Pay in 4. Offer availability also depends on the merchant. Offers are not pre-approved offers or firm offers of credit.

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